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EasyFilm Production
Blackmagic Production Camera 4K RAW, 4K, HD accessories contact +40 726 294 254
Zeiss Apo Sonnar T*2 135mm ZF2/EOS Mount
BlackMagic Production Camera 4K : HD.png
Body Blackmagic Production, 4K/HD, super 35 sensor
Icy BoxIB-111StU3-Wh, White Aluminium, 3.5": 2.5" SATA 3Gb:s HDD to USB 3.0 Docking Station.png
Docking Station White Aluminium, 3.5"/2.5" SATA 3Gb:s USB 3.0
Zeiss Distagon T* 2:25mm ZF2.pngMattebox 4x4, 4x5,6 flag right,left, top.pngBattery power -­‐ 2 pcs with double charger 220V.png
3x 120 Gb SSD Extreme SanDisk
Follow focus Chrosziel -­‐reversible.pngssd sandisc extreme.png
Mattebox Crosziel 4x4, 4x5,6
Battery power 2 pcs with double charger 220V
Support system cinerail.pngSuport system Dynacore multi voltage outputs on:off battery tip A.Bauer, HDMI spillter.png
Follow focus Chrosziel reversible
Support system cinerail
Suport Dynacore multi voltage on:off battery tip V mount, HDMI
Zeiss Distagon T*2 25mm ZF2/EOS Mount
Zeiss Distagon T* 2:35mm ZF2.png
Zeiss Distagon T*2 35mm ZF2/EOS Mount
Zeiss Makro-­‐Planar T* 2:50mm ZF2.png
Zeiss Makro Planar T*2 50mm ZF2/EOS Mount
Zeiss Apo Sonnar T* 2:135mm ZF2.pngZeiss Makro-­‐Planar T* 2:100mm ZF2.pngZeiss Planar T* 1,4:85mm ZF2.png
Zeiss Planar T*1,4 85mm ZF2/EOS Mount
Zeiss Sonar T*2.8 .png
Zeiss Makro Planar T*2 100mm ZF2/Eos Mount
 Tripod Vinten Vision 5 with fluid head-­‐ ball 100mm.png
Zeiss Sonnar T*2.8 180mm ZF2/EOS Mount
Screen Shot 2014-06-22 at 13.05.27.png
Canon UltraSonic T*4-5.6 75-300mm EOS Mount
Monitor small HD 7” IPS tehnology with SDI in:out, HDMI.pngViewfinder EVF-­‐035W-­‐3G by TVLogic SDI in:out, HDMI in:out.png
Tripod Vinten Vision 5 with fluid head ball 100mm
Monitor small HD 7” IPS tehnology with SDI in:out, HDMI
Viewfinder EVF-035W-3G by TVLogic SDI in/out, HDMI in/out
BMPC Full.png